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Don't Let Limiting Beliefs Limit Your Bottom Line

Change Your Narrative,
Change Your Numbers. 

Know The Right Move

Your financial narrative shapes your behaviors and spending habits. Candice helps you identify patterns that are limiting your financial growth, and provides you a path to transforming your relationship with money⁠— and your bottom line. 


Meet Candice

Candice's warm, optimistic approach to money creates a space to learn and plan without shame or guilt. Her goal is to address your relationship with money and help you feel in control of your financial future.

Candice coaches individuals, couples, and companies to initiate change, improve communication, and create a practical path to achieving financial goals.

As the President of  JMHC, a multi-million dollar Construction Company, and  Founder of NINE12, a financial relief non-profit, Candice provides a powerful perspective shaped by decades of experience.




When it comes to personal finance, decision making can feel overwhelming.


Together, we'll discuss immediate and longterm goals as we navigate your numbers. We'll then create a practical plan that will provide you peace of mind and confidence in your financial future.


Your relationship with money directly affects your personal relationships. We'll remove conflict and stress from the conversation and keep our focus looking forward.


Whether you need to re-strategize your spending, or just want to grow your financial legacy—we'll create a path you can follow together.


We’ll outline a trajectory to your goals and identify critical health indicators that will guide your spending strategy and decision making process.


I’ll share the tools I’ve gathered over 32 years of business ownership & auditing experience to minimize stress and maximize your bottom line.

Meet Candice
"Candice is gifted. She's been a pillar of stability and guidance during a great transition.
I recommend her to all my friends. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from working with Candice and discovering financial freedom."

—Crista Mathews

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